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Why is it so important to return, NOW, to a dynamic balance between masculine and feminine?

This time of pandemic has forced us to stop, to observe ourselves. When we do, we realize that the way that we have been living until now is not working for us. We need a new normal. For many generations, our culture has embraced and glorified the energy of the sperm. This energy is like that of an arrow, single mindedly focused on a goal. It doesn’t matter what I do on the way to achieving my goal, so long as I achieve it. Its achievement defines me. I am my accomplishments. Millions of sperm set out to achieve the same goal, perhaps one succeeds, and the rest die. This is the context in which we have been living. Yet life was generated by the coming together of the energy of the arrow, the masculine, and the energy of the egg, the cycle, the circle, the feminine. Returning to this simple observation unlocks the door to the new normal - a culture of balance between the arrow and the circle. The sperm and the egg. We need both forces, and we need them in balance. Reclaiming our abilities of observation and reflection allows us to realign with the natural order of the cosmos in which we recognize the great mother of all life, the earth, and her loving partner, the sun. We realize that when they make love, when the rains come, we are blessed with the abundance that gives us the possibility to live.

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