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New Podcast!

As women, our wisdom, our ability to read the universe is directly connected to our relationship with our body, and particularly to our cycle. Yet the education we receive in the west prioritizes the mind above all and conditions us to develop our intellect.

What about our physical intelligence? What about the knowing that lives in our body?

Our menstrual cycle, the source of all human life, is a very important gateway to access this wisdom.

For generations, women of all directions, of all colors, of all communities have been attentive to our cycles, to the origin of life that connects us all, one to another.

In this podcast I discuss the relationship between the cycle that lives in the woman’s body and the cycles that surround us, in the natural world. Italk about my personal journey to learn to listen to my cycle, guided by my generous and loving teacher, Carmen Vicente.

I talk about how religion and capitalism separate people from spirit, why menstruation isn't only about fertility and womanhood isn't about motherhood and I offer 3 Practices to cultivate a deep relationship with nature and your body.

Please listen, and if you like it, please share.

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