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Embodied Prayer

Since humans have walked the earth, we have been blessed with the art of the dance

By moving, we express what is in our bodies, we learn to listen to what is moving through us. 

We are the body of the universe.

I draw my prayer from the molten lava core of the earth 

through the waterways that flow deep beneath the surface of the soil

into the waters that flow in my blood

my tears

my saliva

my sweat

dancing upon trails carved in the earth that is my body

nourished by the air that is my breath

to feed the rhythm of the fire of my heart


I am these four sacred elements.

I am the cycles of life, death and rebirth that live in my body, and in the universe.

I am prayer.  


Embodied prayer is a journey

through the body

to the essence of what we are grateful for in this life,

to the essence of our relationship with our source - 

the earth,

the air,

the fire,

the water.


Through movement and word we encounter the heart of our personal prayer, that which flows from the deepest place inside ourselves and blesses the universe with our personal magic.


Through engaging all of our senses we awaken the awareness of our essential relationship with life, our essential relationship with the powers that live within us and around us, our essential relationship with what it is to be human upon the earth in this time. 

Dance heals. 

And the people dance 
to the rhythm in my soul
Carrying the steps 
Into my heart
My heart is alive 
With the rhythm of the people
Moving the water
That is my blood

And my blood flows 

In the rhythm of the earth

Called by the moon

In the voice of the people


And the spirits sing

To the rhythm of the wind

Spoken in the word

Of the people of the earth

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Ceremony and Ritual 

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