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Conversations with Naomi

I love people. The essence of my work is about communication and I would be very happy to talk with you.


Ever since I was a child, I have loved to talk, and have honored the power of the word.  For me, speaking and listening is one of the most profound ways that we communicate with one another; we awaken an ancient way of learning through storytelling.  There exists the possibility to speak and listen with our entire body.


In my work, I strive to help us remember our essential relationships with our source - earth, air, fire, water.  I do this through ceremony, movement and spoken word, informed by my lived experience. I was born in New York City and today find myself carrying altars from my teacher, Carmen Vicente, a medicine woman and spiritual leader from the high Andes. I grew up in the heart of the capitalist machine, and somehow found my way to return to my indigeneity, to my essential relationship with all of life.

I would be very honored to share a conversation with you. I am available for speaking engagements as well as interviews and other collaborations. When I speak, I invoke the power of storytelling and the depth of the human relationship with the art of the word.

Some topics I have addressed recently include: 

Returning  to our indigeneity

How do we remember what it is to be human in a world that is turning us into machines? How do we reawaken our relationship with the earth, the air, the fire, the water, our relationship with art as an expression of the power of life? 

Cultivating intimacy in times of isolation and separation 

What does it mean to be in authentic relationship with one another? What does it mean to live in intimate relationship with the natural world?

Cycle. Wisdom. Power.

How can our relationship with the menstrual cycle become a gateway for a healthy culture? 

Honoring this body 

How is our relationship with our bodies a deeply powerful tool for healing and renewal?

Our life is sacred

What is role of ritual and ceremony in our modern lives? How can we remember the sacred in our day to day?



Who is raising our young people? What initiations do we imagine for the generations who are coming? What initiations do we envision for the generations who are going? Why is it so important to recognize and honor moments of transition in our lives?  

I am looking forward to connecting. Please find a sample interview as well as my TedX talk below.  You are welcome to visit my instagram to hear more poetry. 


"It is clear to me that you are in the service of something greater than yourself, and that you possess a very big gift of expressing yourself both poetically and directly, with words and body."

-Rikke Libak 

"You are a great inspiration to me.  Your strength and honesty go directly to my heart.  Thank you very very much!"

-Moran Nitzan

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