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Awakening our senses.
Remembering our wisdom.
Celebrating life. 

Naomi Katz is a ceremonialist, educator and movement facilitator. 
Inspired by the indigenous practices of the women of the earth, she has traveled the world studying ancient wisdom.

Through ritual, ceremony, word and movement, she creates transformative spaces for humans to remember our essential relationship with our source and embody practical tools to maintain an ongoing relationship with the sacred in our day to day lives.  

To meet and work with Naomi
(in person or online) 

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The world is rapidly changing around us.

What values do we choose to guide us?

Through sensory education, we awaken our embodied knowing, revitalize ancient memory and engage our whole selves. We remember what it is to be human upon the earth.

What does it mean to remember

to be human upon the earth?

Our lifestyle has separated us from our source, the natural world. Renewing our relationship with our nature allows us to remember our essence, as part of a larger whole where all is related. Listening to our bodies and to the cycles within us and around us is a gateway to remembering our innate wisdom.


With honor and respect 
to the earth, the fire, the water, the air
to the generations who have walked before us
to the wisdom each carries
and the collective wisdom shared by all. 

Thank you for the gift of this life. 


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