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Work with Naomi

Naomi's programming directly responds to the cultural messages women and girls are receiving today. These messages too often demonstrate that a woman's value is in her attractiveness, her sexual appeal - rather than emphasizing her ability or her capacity.  

Through her work, Naomi aims to redefine culture for women and girls by providing educational opportunities that support the cultivation of women's leadership and the development of a culture of empowerment for all genders. 


My two daughters, aged 14 (8th grade) and 11 (5th grade), attend a small, private, International Baccalaureate school in CT. Naomi Katz visited our school last week as a guest speaker for the middle school students, faculty, and parents.


The ripple effect….no, maybe a better description would be tidal wave effect, is still palpable.  She opened a new and very necessary conversation, challenged belief systems, and rocked our little campus.


Her speaking style is dynamic and engaging.  The content of her presentations to our community provoked every emotion imaginable, and initiated a dialogue that has permeated our classrooms, hallways, offices and homes.  


What is the effect of social media on us? Our children?  How much is too much?  Do we really make our own choices?  What does it truly mean to have a “choice”? How is this tainted by ever-present peer pressure?  What are the societal attributes of a “man” and a “woman”?  How has society distorted what it means for men and women to be “equal”?  Do same and equal mean the same thing? Are strict rules, parental controls, and surveillance of our children’s on-line activities effective parenting strategies? Are we modeling the behaviors we desire in our kids?




-Shirley Viscarello, Mother of 2
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