Work with Naomi


Naomi works across cultures and in three languages; her programs transcend social and economic boundaries to reach a wide variety of audiences, both mixed and single-gender. Read more...

Program Development

Naomi writes curriculum for youth and adults for both formal and informal settings.  Her work includes topics such as: leadership development, fostering literacy and writing skills, healthy attitudes toward sex and sexuality and others. Read more...

Naomi's programming directly responds to the cultural messages women and girls are receiving today. These messages too often demonstrate that a woman's value is in her attractiveness, her sexual appeal - rather than emphasizing her ability or her capacity.  

Through her work, Naomi aims to redefine culture for women and girls by providing educational opportunities that support the cultivation of women's leadership and the development of a culture of empowerment for all genders.

״The foundation of the work I do is my prayer that every young woman will know

in the deepest reaches of her heart

that she is not alone


that she is loved

that she deserves to be honored and celebrated that her voice must be heard

that her words are important.


I dedicate my work to this goal,

to manifest a world

in which every girl, every woman values herself in which every boy, every man honors himself and the women in his life.״

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