Reviving Community

As humans, we have a strong need to belong, to feel a part of something, yet western culture has severed many of the bonds that form the web of community in which we live. 

How can we reweave that web, meet one another in the context of our common humanity in order to feel a sense of community once again?

How can we revitalize intergenerational relationships and co-dependence such that we may remember ourselves as part of a larger collective?

Initiations and Youth Leadership

As we emerge into adulthood, we find ourselves at a crossroads, growing into adults whose world is very different from the world in which the adults we know have grown up. How can ancient wisdom help us access the knowledge we need to cultivate tools for this  stage of life? How can adults offer support as young people are growing up?

What about those of us who are already adults? Did anyone ever teach us what it means to be an adult? Yet we find ourselves ‘adulting’ every day - we work, we raise children, we lead others. How can we do this from our authentic wisdom? In the context of our modern culture, how can we initiate ourselves into this phase of life? What do we need in order to fully embrace our power?

Ritual & Ceremony

What rituals are present in our daily lives? What meaning do these rituals carry? How is a ritual different from a habit? 

What role does ceremony play in our modern lives? Do we have a framework for our spiritual growth? 

In their origin, most human rituals and ceremonies are rooted in our relationship to the earth. As we have become more and more distanced from our relationship to the elements, ceremony that once had deep meaning becomes rote, insignificant. 

Yet we need ritual and ceremony; we need a framework for a spiritual life.  We - the people of the west - need rituals to help us return to our indigenous nature, to feel again our place among the elements.  As we return to our embodied wisdom, we remember our relationship to the natural calendar, to vital ritual and ceremony.

"Naomi, you are a great inspiration to me.  Your strength and honesty go directly to my heart.  Thank you very very much!"

- Moran Nitzan