Connect to your personal power and

share a profound experience

Mother Daughter Journey

3 magical days together

to cultivate tools to listen to our inner voices and strengthen our connections to one another

with Naomi Katz, educator and facilitator working with women and girls across the globe

author, Beautiful: Being an Empowered Young Woman 

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What is a mother-daughter journey?

This initiative was born from deep yearning many mothers expressed to spend quality time with their daughters, and to strengthen their connection by sharing a powerful, meaningful experience


In a culture in which we have nearly no time to stop and breathe,  we can't always access our ability to connect to ourselves, to listen to our inner voices. 

Our girls are searching for independence, searching for their inner voices and are asking for our help. 

It can be really challenging to find quality time together. 

Join us on a journey in an incredible natural setting which offers us the prefect backdrop to explore ourselves and deepen our closeness with our daughters.

In our time together, we will develop tools that support us as we cultivate healthy relationships with one another, which will serve us when we return to the pace of our daily lives. 

Upon completion of this form you will be included on our mailing list. 

On this journey you will: 


Stop, step out of your routine and manifest an opportunity to be together in time outside of time. 

Experience your personal power, as well as your daughter's, in a magnificent natural setting. 


Connect to your internal strength together with your daughter, and in doing so serve as an example for her and bear witness to her self discovery.

Share with others and recognize that you are not alone as you face challenges.

Take part in a community of women and girls who are working together in an environment of mutual respect. 

Develop practical tools to create a supportive environment for your daughter.

Reflect on the ways in which you can invest in positive, supportive relationships with women friends, and help your daughter do the same.

What happens on the journey?

General itinerary (subject to change): 

3 days in a beautiful setting


Arrival, setting up camp and snacks

Evening around the fire to open the journey 


Short walk in nature

Dedicated time for exercises that support connection to ourselves and one to another

Night time circle around the fire under the moon


Celebratory meal

Closing circle

Head home around mid-day

*Everything is flexible - each journey takes shape based on the needs of the participants

These journeys are suited to both religious and non-religious families. 

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Some important details...

How do we get there?

Each couple arrives on their own at the designated meeting point.


Where do we sleep?

Outside! Each couple needs to bring a tent and all the necessary gear: sleeping bag and mat, etc. 

Everything else is on us - food, activities...we've got you covered! 

How much does it cost?

1800 NIS for each mom-daughter couple

**Participation is for the entire time only. 

To organize a private journey for your group, email me via this link

Upcoming journeys: 

19-21 June for moms and daughters aged 14-16 in Klil

*This journey is in Hebrew; if there are a significant number of English speakers we will work in both languages

Beautiful in the media:

״Katz knows that teenagers can smell someone telling them what to do a mile away (and they run in the opposite direction). Her voice is familiar and knowledgeable, without an ounce of “preach.” She’s grounded, gentle, and non-judgmental; she’s the friend we seek out when we’re grappling with a problem.״

What people are saying: 

״ Naomi has extensive experience and vast knowledge. She shares a clear understanding of young women and their needs and offers a compelling perspective on what it means to be a parent in the context of today's culture.״

Osnat Lev Ari, mother of two

״ I learned a lot about our culture and how to deal with that, being a woman in today's society. I've taken away a lot of important things to remember that will help me in the future, and through the rest of my life.״

Yael, 13

״ Naomi Katz did not pretend to have the “answers”, but she did give us insight we didn’t have before she came, and made us think about things many of us had never pondered.״

Shirley Viscarello, mother of two

About Naomi

Naomi Katz is the author of Beautiful: Being an Empowered Young Woman and the visionary behind Her Wisdom, a non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating the authenticity of women’s leadership. She is an educator who provides tools for women and girls to redefine culture by reclaiming the language they use to talk about themselves. Naomi has worked with young women for nearly 20 years on four continents. Inspired by the indigenous practices of the women of the earth, she has traveled the world studying ancient wisdom.

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