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Naomi Katz is an author and educator and has been working with young women for over 20 years. She is the author of Beautiful: Being an Empowered Young Woman, and founder of Beautiful Project, a movement dedicated to building self confidence among adolescent girls and young women.  


Naomi works with educators, parents, mentors and young people. Her work is a call to attention, to recognize that we are the creators of our culture.  She focuses on empowering ourselves to take action into our own hands, to understand that we are the builders of our culture and that we drive the changes that we wish to see, beginning with ourselves and echoing into our communities.  


Her work is deeply inspired by Carmen Vicente, a women's leader carrying the indigenous wisdom of the peoples of the Andes Mountains. Together with Carmen, Naomi is working with women around the world, with a particular focus on our relationship with our menstruation.


Naomi holds a  BA from Brown University and an MA from University of California, Berkeley. Originally from New York, she now lives in southern Israel and has worked with young women and their mentors in a wide variety of settings in the United States and abroad. Beautiful, published by Bricktower Press,  is a compilation of the writings of many young women who have participated in the Beautiful Project.

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